What does 7switch do with my personal data?

On, you entrust minimal personal data (name, email address and purchase history) that allow us to provide our services as well as possible. We keep traces of our customers connections to the site for 1 year and keep only one cookie: the connection cookie, which keeps your session open.

Here is the list of companies that might access your data (name, email address and purchase history) when you buy from 7switch, and why:

Dilicom (hub), Eden Livres, ePlateforme, Immatériel (distributors)

All book professionals, they use the information we give them to invoice us on behalf of the publishers and sometimes to affix them on the files you buy from us if they are protected by Watermark.

Google and Facebook

When you log in to via your Gmail or Facebook account, both of these platforms are notified the instant you log in. We collect your email address which is used to contact you, authenticate you on our site and send you your invoices. That's it.

Since June 2018, we have cut off the Google Analytics service (read our blog post on the subject).


Stripe is the payment method we use for credit card payments. It knows your email address and credit card number but only retains the email address, the banking information is not saved. If you prefer to use Paypal, it is up to you to give them your personal information.


Service that manages the sending of all our emails, whether they are promotional and editorialized or automatic (order confirmation email, account creation, request for new password). They know names and email addresses of our customers.

I want to delete my account

You cannot delete your 7switch account yourself, if you want to delete your account and all attached data, send us a request specifying the email address with which you opened your account.

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