Give a digital book

To offer a digital book, add the book(s) to your basket and check the box "This order is a gift" that appears at the bottom of your basket.

After making the payment, go to the menu of your account in the Gift cards section, you can then retrieve the link(s) that you just need to send to the person of your choice. There will be one link per book.

The recipient of the gift must be identified on 7switch before clicking on the gift link. If she is not yet a customer, she will be asked to create an account with the identification mode of her choice (Gmail, Facebook or email address).

If the link no longer appears on your Gift Cards page, it means that it has been used by its beneficiary.

Warning: By checking the box "This order is a gift", the books associated with the order will not appear in your personal library but in that of the person who will have used the link that you will have sent to him and who appears on the Gift cards page.

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